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EGOC Library

We have collections of Christian books in our library for members and those living locally. You can borrow them from the Church library for your spiritual edification. Some of the items include:

  • The Revival we need by Oswald Smith

  • The Calvary Road by Roy Hession

  • The True Vine by Andrew Murray

  • To Know the Unknown by Roger Caswell

  • Revival by Charles Finney

  • Things God Wants us to Know by Roger Caswell

  • Desperate Marriages by Gary Chapman

  • The Marriage You've Always Wanted by Gary Chapman

  • Called to Awaken the Laity by John Oak etc.

  • Christian Youth and Pre-marital Sex by G.O. Bakare

  • The Power of Communication in a Christian Home by G.O. Bakare

  • Little Things that Matter in Marriage by G.O. & O.F. Bakare

  • Choosing a Life Partner Without Tears by G.O. & O.F. Bakare

  • Listening to God in the Midst of Many Voices by G.O. & O.F. Bakare

  • Overcoming Tension Points in Marriage by G.O. & O.F. Bakare

  • It is Possible by G.O. Bakare G.O. & O.F. Bakare

  • Inviting Jesus into your Marriage by G.O. & O.F. Bakare

  • Divine Connections: A Biblical Perspective by G.O. & O.F. Bakare

  • Overcoming the Deceptions of Rogue Pastors, Churches and Christians by G.O. Bakare

  • Overcoming the Challenge of Singleness by G.O. & O.F. Bakare

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