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Our Vision

The primary vision of Evangelical Global Outreach Church (EGOC) is to bring glory and honour to the Almighty God. We seek to accomplish this vision through:

  • Evangelism (reaching the world around us with the gospel of Jesus Christ).
  • Discipleship (teaching individual believers to become less self-centred and more like Christ).
  • Fellowship (building relationships within the local church body and creating unity and love for each other with the goal in mind to fulfil Jesus’ great commission to make disciples of all people, teaching them to observe all things God has commanded).
  • Praise and Worship (acknowledging God for who He is and what He has done). 

We agree with Kevin DeYoung that ‘the goal of the Church is not to have a bigger building or budget but to see the word of God increase and disciples multiply.’ Therefore, EGOC seeks to be:

  • A community of praise. 
  • A community of truth. 
  • A community that does not live for itself but is deeply involved in the concerns of its neighborhood. 
  • A community where men and women are prepared for and sustained in the exercise of the priesthood in the world. 
  • A community of mutual responsibility, and 
  • A community of hope.
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