General Prayer Points


Are you looking for prayer points that can be used for your personal devotion? This is the right site for you. Our prayer points are powerful, Bible based and inspiring.

This new month:

  • Every darkness in my life shall give way to the light of God in Jesus name.
  • All my lack will give way to abundance in Jesus name.
  • I shall enjoy uncommon marital bliss in Jesus name.
  • I the rejected shall become the selected in Jesus name.
  • People shall hear my testimonies and follow me to God in Jesus name.
  • In everything I do, I will succeed in Jesus name.
  • What I have never done before for good, I receive the strength to do it now in Jesus name.
  • At the end of this year, I will look back with joy and ahead with great expectations in Jesus name.
  • God help me to discover how to maximize my time and add value to it in Jesus name.
  • I will become the star of my family and the hope of my generation in Jesus name..
  • Because I know where I am going, God’s grace will take me there in Jesus name.
  • I will find favour with God and humans in Jesus name.
  • I will grow in wisdom and stature in Jesus name.
  • I will walk in dominion over every circumstance and situation in my life in Jesus name.
  • May the remaining days of this year be one of success and purpose in my life in Jesus name.


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