Family Prayer Points


1. Father Lord, give me peace and calmness in the midst of storm in Jesus name.

2. My current challenge is a divine setback for a greater comeback in Jesus name.

3. Everything will turn around for my good in Jesus name. 

4. Henceforth, my life will flourish in Jesus name.

5. I command every storm that is ragging in my life, relationship and career to STOP in Jesus name.

6. Heavenly father, turn the tide against my enemies in Jesus name.

7. Father Lord, help me to understand you more in Jesus name. 

8. My God who knows me more than I know myself will sort me out in Jesus name. 

9. I declare myself unstoppable by the enemies and household wickedness in Jesus name.

10. God will set before me open doors, which no one can shut in Jesus name. 

11. Father Lord, help me to continue to keep your word in Jesus name. 

12. Oh Lord, help me never to deny your name in Jesus name.

13. Father Lord, help me to demonstrate patient endurance in Jesus name.

14. All my enemies shall be defeated in Jesus name. 

God will keep me from the hour of trial that is coming in Jesus name.

15. God will help me to hold fast to what I have in Christ in Jesus name.

16. Heavenly Father, make me a vessel unto your glory in Jesus name. 

17. Let every darkness that is waging war against the manifestation of your glory my life disappear in Jesus.

18. Henceforth, I shall operate my life under the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

19. Henceforth, I shall flourish in God’s anointing in Jesus name.

20. Henceforth, my service before God shall be outstanding in Jesus name.

21. Let every problem I am going through right now fall flat in Jesus name 

22. God will raise help for me from where I least expect in the name of Jesus Christ.

23. I shall enjoy peace like I have never experienced before in my life in Jesus name. 

24. Teach me to trust you in times of trouble in Jesus name. 

25. Take me to the next level in my spiritual journey in Jesus name.

26. Oh Lord, give me a divine idea in Jesus name.

27. Heavenly father, give me the motivation to give thanks in all situations in Jesus name. 

28. I receive the grace to continue to sing joyfully to the Lord all the days of my life in Jesus name.

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